Shamanic Gloom Visionaries
Gloom Music and Visionary Shamanics Records are glad to announce their first release compiled together: SHAMANIC GLOOM VISIONARIES.
This time Mystical Voyager and Awwen have compiled a new fresh release that mixes the sounds of the deeper forests and the groovy leads of the psychedelic era that we are leaving now. A journey of magic music for your ears, keeping the objective of getting all the shamans gloomed!!!
Journey this exotic alien forest jungle stranger, perceive layers of celtic knotwork arranger, psychedelic pilgrims adept shapechangers, following sun to sunset then to moonrise, moon chases sun cycles and seasons arrive, Nimue prepares arcane brew in magic cauldron, infused with various psychoactives very strong, drunk by shamanic gloom visionarys tribe, initiating trippy visions spirit world comes alive, calling the dead & lost souls back to life, psionic bards of mystery weave their tales, Rhiannon horse goddess rides through veils, as Dagda battles with Morrigan sword & spear, battle of dark & light forces good & evil veer, pantheon of god’s & goddesses appears, healers witches wizards poets bards and seers, acting out their stories in magical dream theatre near.
Compiled By Awwen & Mystical Voyager
Mastering – Overdream –
Shamanic Poetry By Mystical Voyager
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(GloOmD04) VA Shamanic Gloom Visionaries

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Title : Shamanic Gloom Visionaries
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Catalog ref. : GloOmD004
Format : Digital Download