FREE DOWNLOAD!!! Once again, from GloOm Music we want to give away to our listeners a big gift as a gratitude symbol for sticking up with us these 5 years, as well as to give a little enhancement in this wired moment we are living in.
Ethereal Forest is made of 9 tracks focused on the forest side of GloOm, although this compilation is a tour around the different styles of the label. Its indeed a sound tour that will make you vibrate, leading you to sense the darkness without fears, taking you to faraway oneiric realms of the mind
This compilation is available for direct download from the website which we have remodelled and added many interesting themes such as our merchandising. We hope it reaches all our followers !!! Stay Safe

Released March 25, 2020
Compiled by Charlie
Artwork bu Suh ka
Mastering by Mind Oscillation

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(GloOmDG01) VA Ethereal Forest (FREE DOWNLOAD)

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Title : VA Ethereal Forest
Label :
Catalog ref. : GloOmDG01
Format : Digital Download