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“TRAXON” aka bruno souza born in sao paulo – Brasil. make his way into psychedelic brasilian psytrance scene since 2006 playing in all important party that happened in Brazil with his first project “Minimal Criminal” . have been introduced to darkpsy and decided to begin his solo project “TRAXON” in 2012, always trying to have his own style, he feels comfortable with underground psytrance possibilities and like the challenge of create something unique. focusing in introspective grooves and mind blowing combination of sounds “TRAXON” music can be described as “deep psychedelic dance music” not only trying to hipnotize the mind but also the body with the groove of the bass. combining different moods and BPMs his performance never go thru the same way. have been releasing tracks in many different labels of darkpsy also playing all around the america and sometimes around the globe.

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