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Kedros project is an initiation of George Gidakos musical creations. His interest in punk and electronic music was until 1997, when he first attended a psychedelic party and got his interest in that direction. He starts collecting vinyls and meeting people with the same interests, then he comes in contact with Spyweirdos/Weird Alchemy who has influenced him significantly and showing him the more weird kind of psychedelic trance music and labels like Psy-Harmonics, Demon Tea Recordings, Exogenic Records. A couple of years later he start Djing in privet parties with his friend Benjamin Roth and they started to playing around with DAW’s like Re-Birth,Fruity Loops and Cubase. After some years doing that, practicing and trying to find their own sound, Bloomen project came to file, late of 2004. He got his degree in sound engineering in 2006 and immediately started to work as a sound engineer in tv shows. Due to full schedule and remoteness they split the project but continued to make his own music on free times.

His style can be described as experiemental dark forest psytrance.

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