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Plan B


DJ plan b is a regular feature of the Toronto psytrance scene, co-founder of Shakti Collective and the biweekly Why Not Wednesday events. Tomasz has been passionate about music since childhood and participated in many projects and bands in his native Poland. Upon arriving in Canada he continued to expand his musical knowledge and interests, discovering the magical sound of psychedelic trance shortly after the year 2000. Since then, Tomasz has become an accomplished DJ and event organizer, playing at many festivals and events across Canada, US and Nepal including Eclipse, Harvest , St. Jean Basstiste, Space Gathering and Sacred Earth Festival. As plan b never fails, he always deliver psychedelic and groovy sound. His Shakti Collective events are known for showcasing international acts, quality decor, visuals and amazing positive vibe help to keep the psychedelic trance scene alive in Toronto.


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