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Chris: When I was younger, I listened to pop punk and metal, and played computer all day long. After becoming bored of this lifestyle I met new friends and with them I discovered the world of electronic beats. On Ozora 2010 I discovered my love for psytrance. Soon I started to practice Djing. 2011 I met Laurenz on a freaking Party in our beloved old Membran Halle. He introduced me into the world of Producing and Synthesizers. Shortly after I started to write tracks on my own in Cubase and practiced a lot. After one year Laurenz and I decided to make a Project together because we share the same Ideas about modern psychedelic music.

Laurenz: I started to play around with sound when I was a young child. I heard Rock and Metal for the most of my teen ages. My big Brother introduced me to psytrance as I was 15 years old. Shortly after I started DJing. I went to many festivals getting more involved into the scene and started to produce my own sound. I met Chris and showed him all I knew about Cubase, and totally crazy cats on synthesizers in space. My interest in music grew so I went to university to study electronic music. Together with Friends we started in the beginning to make small Parties in Vienna as “Psygsichta.” After a while Chris and me noticed we have the same feeling about psychedelic music, Nocturnes Creatures was born. We want to combine dark and atmospheric sounds with fast ass kickin lead lines. We are all stayed in Austria near to vienna !

After two years of our full power hightech project we wanted to create some new lower bpm vibes which are full of deep forest and psychedelic tunes ! After we met our crazy friend Mr. Grassmann we got in touch with the gloom family and joined them with a lot of pleasure!

NoCult will create are nocturnal story in the range of 145 – 160 bpm groovy dark and psychedelic flows !