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Meto Seeds


Meto as known as Meto Seeds is a forest being from the Macedonian mountain area of Planet Earth. On the secret channeling we have only sound waves by Meto and some non decoded symbols. Totaly living in underground protection shield, this objects is still producing and transmitting special mesages and colors from nature. If You a beginner in psychedelic stepst of psytrance its gonna be very hard for you to find some levels about IT ) but if you are already on special higher access of society you know the way were to find this sounds…
Human or not its never mind, but the fact is fact. Have you ever heard something about this electromagnetic anomaly that makes people wise in the places were they grow up ? Yes, many of us all life trying to find this sacred places of power where you can contact with extraterrestrial beings and catch the spirits. Nature of course makes effect. Its important. When Macedonian vibe flows down from the mountains through into the human heads, the effect is done. Everybody feel the smell of long roots of sacred woods, and feel the heart beat of ancient rocks from the mountains, birds and animals, dark full moon nights and full of true saikodelia inside.

Scando junction seed was planted but the boy thinks different . The logic head, open minded, wide eyes opened… one leg in microprocessor technology faculty second in the forest, head start to make imaginary reality pixels throughout the Gorump Peya.

Yes yes its Meto, all known being from the human society of planet Earth that makes people feel outer space emotions on underground psytrance festivals. Just imagine how killer for macedonian student to catch the signals from nature, push sequencer buttons , send people to space traveling around all globe with this vibe! yes yes and you always call him again! because artists like him can be counted by one hand fingers and its true!

So get ready, Meto Seeds is scanning for you,. knowledge collector, explorer, smart producer ,have many stories for you. In headphones or in big sound system in the forest. If you see how this powerful extraterrestrial plant full of fractal beauty growing from nowhere , its Meto here, growing his Magic Seeds of mystery…

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