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Majahkil AKA Jah Koomalou is a city born and rainforest raised Australian producer who seeks to untangle the twisted relationships between power, passion, and fear through music.

Jah’s unique expression of sound is an expression of the inherently dichotomous nature of existence, exploring the balance between darkness and light, femininity and masculinity, and rebellion from, or adherence to, the commonly accepted structure – both in music and in life.

For Majahkil, writing forest is not merely a tendency towards faster bpms in psytrance but an opportunity to approach his musical style from a place of familiarity, having made his home in the rainforests of Far North Queensland. The language of these lands is one of dark, powerful mysticism, one that can not be fully understood by shining light into its depths and hoping to illuminate what lays within the shadows, but by immersing oneself in those shadows, vulnerable and receptive to what one may come to comprehend when looking outwards from that darkness, rather than into it.

This, perhaps more than any other concept explored in Majahkil’s work, is what gives it the depth and complexity apparent in his music.

This conscious and cathartic creation of ‘Majahkil’ has been met with deserved success, having brought him to shared stages with artists such as Pspiralife, Fungus Funk, Kromagon, Hellquist, Meerkut, Farebi Jalebi and Madianbrains.

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