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Also one of the founders of GloOm Music. Born in 1987 and rock lover since very young, at age 14 he formed a Metal & Punk band where wrote songs and played guitar, sampler and percussion. Little later he got interested in electronic music, mostly minimal techno and electro in their most underground slopes and after a few years, in 2005 he got introduced to psytrance and the psychedelic experience and got in loved with the hypnotic rhythms, space atmospheres and acid sounds.

Afterwards discover the production and mixing world, since that he works on his own project, also known as ludopsy, where  explore the psychedelics with an unique sound, groove  rhythms and acid all around. His sets are strong and energetic where the dancers are driven from night darkness to daylight going through funny passages.

In April 2012 joins to Maharetta Records roster as Dj. Actually are preparing he first live set and working in the spanish collective Cthulhu Tribe.

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