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Lukasz aka ‘K’ was born near Krakow (Poland) In the beginning of this millenium he moved to Tuscany (Italy), In the beautiful Chianti. At the age of 16, with a group of friends, he frequented a Social Centre, called CA.CU.BO, The big TAZ, in the city of Bologna ,hosted many international events of electronic music ,between 2005 and 2006 There he discovered for the first time, Psytrance . Since that moment, he has been involved exclusively in the ambiences of psychedelic trance. In 2015, after a boredom and for curiosity, he started experimenting with various DAW’s and he create the project Hooryama; with the idea to dwell deep into dark subgenres. Belong this process he managed to produce a sort of a Futuristic Dark Psy: a glitchy-tribal sound, made out of percussions and organic sounds rolling on a groove where the bass is filtered to get the taste of ancient in the ritual. Together with the music production Lukas learnt video projection and vidomapping. Acid key Lab released some installations for events such Harmonic Vision.

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